1. April 2023

• Cryptocurrency market rebounds despite stricter US regulations
• Bitcoin reaches highest level since mid-August 2022; Ether up 8.55%
• MEMAG, RNDR, FGHT, OP, METRO, NEAR and CCHG are the best crypto to buy today

Cryptocurrency Market Rebounds Despite Stricter US Regulations

The cryptocurrency market has seen a strong rebound on Thursday despite the US government adopting a stricter regulatory approach. The overall value of the cryptocurrency market rose by more than $84.8 billion in the past 24 hours. Bitcoin’s price has now reached its highest level since mid-August 2022 when the crypto market experienced turmoil resulting in bankruptcies and collapses of major exchanges such as FTX.

Bitcoin Reaches Highest Level Since Mid-August 2022

Bitcoin has seen a surge of 9.5% so far today and is working to break through $25,000, while Ether is up by more than 8.55% at $1,714. The current regulatory environment appears to be a headwind for the crypto market but money seems to be moving from altcoins to bitcoin since bitcoin is labeled ‘commodity’ by the SEC chair. Consequently, bitcoin’s market dominance is on the rise and it has outperformed other equity markets this year with an increase of 48%.

Meta Masters Guild Set To Become Major Player In Web3 Gaming Industry

Meta Masters Guild (MMG) is looking to solve challenges in Web3 gaming with its innovative platform and ideas. As gaming moves towards decentralization and player empowerment MMG will become a key player in this booming industry. Its MEMAG token has generated significant interest among crypto investors due to its potential growth opportunities within the gaming world.

Best Crypto To Buy Today

In light of recent regulatory challenges and fluctuations in cryptocurrency prices it may be beneficial for investors to assess their portfolios and seek out new prospects for growth: MEMAG, RNDR, FGHT, OP, METRO, NEAR and CCHG could be worth considering as some of these best cryptos to buy today .


Despite stricter US regulations on digital currencies Thursday saw a robust rebound in the cryptocurrency market which indicates resilience among investors despite regulatory hurdles . Bitcoin reached its highest levels since August 2022 while Meta Master Guild is set to become an important player in Web3 gaming industry due its MEMAG token being seen as potential growth opportunity within this sector . For those looking for best cryptos buy today options include MEMAG ,RNDR ,FGHT ,OP ,METRO ,NEAR and CCHG could be considered worthy investments .