8. December 2023

• Robert F. Kennedy Jr., a Democratic presidential candidate, declared he will defend Bitcoin (BTC) against what he describes as “invasive surveillance”.
• He criticized President Joe Biden’s proposal to impose a 30% tax on energy use for BTC miners, claiming it would necessitate the development of an invasive surveillance system.
• Kennedy is the son of U.S. attorney general Robert F. Kennedy and President John F. Kennedy’s nephew, and is known for his criticism of social media platforms and pharmaceutical industry, as well as former President Donald Trump’s “lockdown” of the U.S. early in pandemic.

Robert F Kennedy Jr Vows to Defend Bitcoin

Robert F Kennedy Jr has announced his intention to defend Bitcoin (BTC) against what he sees as “invasive surveillance” during a speech at the 2023 Bitcoin Conference in Miami. The Democratic presidential candidate believes that technology has enabled governments and corporations too much control over people’s lives, and has advocated for greater decentralisation of power in order to protect individual liberties and freedoms from oppressive regimes or powerful entities such as corporations or governmental bodies.

Kennedy Criticises Biden Tax Proposal

Kennedy also criticised President Joe Biden’s proposed 30% tax on energy used by BTC miners, decrying it for necessitating the development of an invasive surveillance system to monitor miner energy usage which could further limit individual freedom by allowing governments or corporations access to private data without permission from their users or customers.

Kenedy Son Of US Attorney General

Kennedy is the son of US attorney general Robert F Kennedy and President John F Kennedy’s nephew; a figurehead who has long been critical of social media platforms, pharmaceutical industries and former president Donald Trump’s “lockdown” of America at the startof the pandemic earlier this year when announcing his bid to challenge current President Joe Biden with his own candidacy for the 2024 election campaign cycle back in April 2021 .

Poll Showing Support For Kenedy

Polls have indicated that up to 50% Democrats are keen on someone other than president Biden representing them during next year’s election cycle; however no party leader has yet mounted a challenge against him despite this apparent support for Kenedy across America – something which he believes may be due to 18 years worth od censorship imposed upon him by certain mainstream outlets/platforms prior to coming forth with his own nomination plans earlier this year .

Kenedy Promises To Speak Out

The politician promised that those same outlets/platforms will “hear a lot more from him” over then next 18 months-a direct reference both to this apparent lack of coverage surrounding himself & his policies before now but also an indication that he plans on speaking out even louder & making sure people hear what he stands for over these next few months leading up to 2024 election day .